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Release Day Blitz: Bella Box Set by Kimberly Blalock

Release & Sale Blitz 

Title: Bella Box Set Vol. 1-4

Series: A Sagatori family saga A Mafia Romance 

Author: Kimberly Blalock

Release Date:  April 30th

Bella vol. 1
My name is Isabella Sagatori. To my father I’m a princess, to others I’m an opportunity. They call me the mafia princess.

My life had been beautiful, I’d never wanted for anything. I took each day as it came and embraced it with Insight, laughter, and love. I chose not to live in the dark shadows,
until now.
Skip ahead and here I am running for my life, for my father’s life, and for my freedom. Darkness lingered and my father offered my hand to the boss of the Chicago outfit to ensure my protection.
Jax Moretti came into my life as a hero and then claimed me as his own. He claimed he'd only wanted to protect me, but the dark shadows that lingered in his told a different story.
Nothing that belongs to this earth is ever free. Until I met Jax Moretti I couldn’t have known how true that could be.

Bella vol.2 
Taking over this family isn’t going to be easy. There are a lot of things that have been left undealt with. A lot of people need reminding of the man I am; what I can do to them, what I can have done to them. I control the cards. I determine what happens. The outcome is in my hands. I am the king.

Weakness isn’t a possibility. I’m not weak. I don’t cry or tell a sob story. Why would I? I wanted to be like my father; strong, willful, powerful. I wanted to make him proud. Jax will keep me as his bride and I will fight back. My words will be silent, my actions controlled. And when he least expects it -when I least expect it- I will do the unthinkable, unimaginable, in my world.

Bella vol.3 
“Head of the family” is not an easy job title. There is a darkness within those words, a common set of traits the boss of bosses must possess and codes he must follow in order to fulfil his duty. Famiglia first. Always thinking of the family. But now, I find myself thinking of her. Sitting at my desk, calling the shots, even pulling the trigger has become a daunting task. Not because I don’t want to or can’t, but because all I want to do is imagine what it would feel like with my body wrapped around hers.

Should I feel as though this is the life I want? Should I see the good for all it is and accept the bad as it comes? He’s different, I’m different. Maybe it’s the way his eyes glisten now or the fact that they are even darker at times. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if Jax could love me. I know that I’m imagining things at night when he asks me to stay with him in his bed. I feel him watch me. But what if I wasn’t imagining it, what would that mean?

Bella vol.4 
I hated him for the things he took from me. I hated him for the love he refused me. But after all of the hate and anger, I knew without a doubt that I was irrevocably in love with Jax Moretti. I'm a woman born into a man's world. I've stood tall and held my own knowing the people that wanted my family in the ground, weren't far behind and soon they'd be exactly where I want them to be.

My name is Isabella Sagatori-Moretti. I will protect my family.


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About the Author

Kimberly has been writing since she was a young girl growing up in Kansas City, Mo. Reading and writing has always been a big part of her life. She enjoys a world she can get lost in while reading a good book. A wife and mother to four beautiful children she decided she wasn't busy enough. She spent some time chasing down fugitives as a bounty hunter then laid down her hand cuffs and finished her college degree in nursing.

Kimberly loves discovering new music to jam out to and loves anything that's different. When Kimberly isn't writing or playing superhero for her children, she takes care of her patients as a Registered nurse in the field of hospice.

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Twitter► @kimblalockangel

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Book Tour: Rise of a Guardian by L.J. Andrews

About the Book

Title: Rise of the Guardian
Author: LJ Andrews
Genre: YA Fantasy

Abandoned by his family, Killian is given one chance to find answers to his past in a strange, new  realm. The mysterious community protecting the realms promises to reveal what he seeks if he helps find lost relics that bestowed with the power of all realms. Strange abilities soon manifest within Killian, catching the deadly attention of a dangerous secret-society also seeking the relics only to destroy his home realm they view as an abomination. Killian must find the relics before the society or billions of lives will be lost. Killian soon learns sometimes the closest allies are the most devious enemies. 

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Author Bio

L. J. Andrews has been reading since she was five, and writing since she was six. L.J. lives with her husband, three children, two dogs and two pet rats…yes rats, in a small town nestled in the mountains of Utah. She enjoys playing with Legos, Batman action figures, toy cheetahs, making chocolate chip cookies, and of course writing stories when all her little people are sleeping.

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Book Excerpts
 1) Warm, light seeped into the small room. A single mattress was pushed against the side wall covered in mismatched sheets, and a cheap plastic box of drawers held a few simple clothes. Killian Thomas breathed deeply trying to slow his heart as the happy sunrise shook him from his fitful sleep. The dark, lurking figures from his nightmare had hissed and argued angrily in a damp, moss ridden hallway. Their conversation was wicked to the core, but the most upsetting part of their devious plans involved his death.
Rolling from the old mattress he wiped the sweat off his face and pushed back his thick mud-colored hair. The nightmares were getting worse, and the two mystery villains seemed to be creeping into his mind more often, as if it were something Killian needed to know. He didn't know why he was being haunted with dreams filled with people seeking to kill him, he was no threat to anyone. In fact he felt quite the opposite. There was nothing extraordinary about him, just a young man with no family, few friends—mediocre in every sense.
The thoughts toppled through his mind as he rubbed his sky-blue eyes trying to wipe the memories of the distant corridor from his mind. 

2) Instantly, as they passed through the opening, the air around them felt thick and humid. Killian could feel Mercedes' body move closer into his as the matter around them seemed to threaten their air supply.  The unpleasant feeling was coming to a point that was hard to bear. Coming from behind them they heard the powerful force of the portal suctioning them back toward the opening.
Suddenly the world around them fell silent. The powerful suction ceased and calm surrounded them. Killian and Mercedes seemed to stay airborne for a small moment before falling; their feet crunching onto a steel walkway. Killian groaned as his leg seared in pain. Mercedes cried out when the shining steel splattered with her blood from landing on her injured arm. The fall was only two feet at most, but Killian had been sure he was plummeting to his death. Releasing the breath he had held in the entire time through the portal, he looked around, trying to take in their surroundings.
The sky was different. It was full of brilliant blues, dazzling reds, and radiant greens. All the colors swirled together against a back drop of an ebony universe littered with stars. In the center of the magnificent sky was a glowing orb. It shone brightly and warmed their faces. The same hues of the sky swirled in beautiful patterns in the large, gaseous sun emitting a soft lavender hue. All around them were plants and bright foliage. The flowers that stood out amongst the green plants were tall and brilliant with rainbow patterns along their petals. The plants didn't seem to fit any botanical design he had ever imagined; they seemed to be a cross between tropical and woodland shrubs.
The colorful sky reflected off an enormous building directly in front of them. Killian marveled at the unbelievable structure towering in the center of the magnificent garden. It was one of the strangest buildings he had ever seen, made of glass and beautiful, smooth steel. Huge beams jutted out at unique angles with enormous glass windows randomly scattered between the steel. The building reminded Killian of a block game he had played as a child with the objective to leave the tower standing as long as possible while removing blocks and re-stacking them on top. The large windows created translucent openings between the steel beams causing some concern inside whether the building would topple as the blocks had.  

3) "Wait Killian." Connor shuffled his feet a bit before stepping to the doorway. "You have to stay. There are a few things I think you should can't tell anyone I told you though, understand?" Killian was taken aback by the sharp tone in his voice.
"I understand."
"Your parents...I was a certified potential, or an intern as you would say on Terrene, in the labs when they were here...I remember them, especially your mother. I...well, I don't think a fire would have taken them out. They were special recruits. They went on the most dangerous missions you can imagine trying to bring down the Trinity."
"What are you saying?"Killian asked, feeling his blood pressure rise.
"I don't want to give you false hope. They may be gone, but we never saw their bodies. I just find it odd they passed ownership to you right before they died, almost as if they knew they were going to leave." Killian held his breath remembering Nathaniel’s insinuation the timing of their death seemed strange too.
"Killian," Connor continued, "if you help us find Merlin's talisman, your relic, we might be able to find out what happened to your parents. I have a feeling the people who stole the relic are involved in the disappearance of your mom and dad."

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Book Tour: The Young Vampires's Survival Guide by Lucy Eldritch

About the Book

Title: Young Vampire’s Survival Guide
Author: Lucy Eldritch
Genre: Vampires / Urban Paranormal / Horror

Within a month of being bitten, it cost the life of Robert James’ best friend. Within a year, hundreds had died. All because of him.
Until Robert was bitten, he was a regular college student. Now he seems to be the reluctant future of vampire kind and his world has been turned upside down. Pursued by the Dawn Warriors – a group dedicated to cleansing the world of evil – Robert’s survival is at stake. Literally.

Author Bio

I’m Lucy Eldritch and I write paranormal-horror-urban-fantasy-vampire fiction set mainly in Manchester (the one in the UK, not the one in New Hampshire) and London. I also love red wine, but I suspect that’s not really something I should mention. Not professional. Something like that. So, consider it un-mentioned.

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Review: Beautiful Carnage by Monica L. Patton

Philomene Doucette is a made-to-order assassin, and death never looked so good. Orphaned and brain-washed from the age of six, by Beau Dupree, a C.I.A spook, she is a beautiful, empty killing machine, fractured from systematic abuse. Philomene is given her most important assignment yet: executing Haruto Mori, the leader of a deadly Japanese clan. To conceal her identity, Philomene is smuggled into Japan under the guise of being a sex worker and is presented as a gift for Haruto. Philomene’s mission to kill Haruto becomes an inner battle as she struggles between her conditioning, the affection she feels for Haruto and her increasing desire for Tadakai, her CIA handler. 

When Haruto is unexpectedly murdered by another assassin, Philomene uses her deadly training to find answers. She learns of a shocking government plot for mass murder at an upcoming Yakuza Summit—where Tadakai will be in attendance. 

Philomene rescues Tadakai, and together they find a haven in a remote, abandoned farmhouse. As they forge a deeper connection, the two make a life-changing decision to leave this dangerous lifestyle behind to create a new life together...but their past misdeeds will not be absolved without exacting bloody sacrifices. 

I am not sure how to begin on what an amazing adventure Beautiful Carnage by Monica L. Patton was. First off, it has a bad-ass female character, Philomene, who has been through hell and back in her life, and is now going down that list and kicking some butt. Her other personalities or, as I saw them, sidekicks, helped in telling her story. My favorite was the Monarch Queen. Eloquently described, I could envision her every time she appeared. I want to be her; she would be a fun cos play character.

Most writers, myself included, use butterflies to denote nervousness but Patton used them in an angry and viscous way, which I thought was a beautiful contrast to such a delicate creature. Next locations, Louisiana and Japan, which are two of my favorite locations that I have actually  been to, and even if you have never been, the author transports you there, tantalizing all your senses that you feel like you are on this adventure with Philomene. I craved beignets and sushi by the time I was done with the book.

Lastly is this book full of emotions that will make you feel at a loss for words. There is a tender love story, a brutal betrayal, disgusting acts of violence all wrapped up in this one little “gift”. It is action packed and would be fun to see on the big screen.

BEAUTIFUL CARNAGE is available in over 20 countries


Currently performing in the Broadway National Tour of The Book of Mormon, Monica has worked with such notables as Jesse Norman, Diahann Carroll and Freda Payne. She covered Eartha Kitt as the Fairy Godmother in Rodgers and Hammerstein's' Cinderella and sang opposite Jon Secada as the Narrator in the National Tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Her other credits include; Broadway: Finian's Rainbow, Abby's Song, and Ragtime. Off-Broadway: Little Ham. National Tours: Disney's The Lion King, Annie 30th Anniversary; City Center Encores! productions: On The Town, Pipe Dream, Fanny, Anyone Can Whistle, Purlie, Finian's Rainbow and Applause. The Distinguished Achievement in Production award was presented to Here in Harlem: Poems in Many Voices, by Walter Dean Myers. Monica was honored to have been a featured Narrator on the production. when she is not onstage, you can find her in a quick change booth--writing, playing video games with her daughter or perched on a stool, having a craft cocktail.

Beautiful Carnage Single

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Author Interview: Tamara Thorne & Alistair Cross


Tamara Thorne's first novel was published in 1991, and since then she has written many more, including international bestsellers Haunted, Bad Things, Moonfall, Eternity and The Sorority. A lifelong lover of ghost stories, she is currently working on several collaborations with Alistair Cross as well as an upcoming solo novel. Learn more about her at:

Alistair Cross grew up on horror novels and scary movies, and by the age of eight, began writing his own stories. First published by Damnation Books in 2012, he has since co-authored The Cliffhouse Haunting and The Ghosts of Ravencrest with Tamara Thorne and is working on several other projects. His debut solo novel, The Crimson Corset,an Amazon bestseller, is available now. Find out more about him at:

In collaboration, Thorne and Cross are currently writing several novels, including the next volume in the continuing series, 
The Ravencrest Saga. Their first novel, The Cliffhouse Haunting, was an immediate bestseller. Together, they also host the horror-themed radio show Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! which has featured such guests as Laurell K. Hamilton, Christopher Moore, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Charlaine Harris, Jay Bonansinga, and Christopher Rice. Thorne and Cross are hard at work on several upcoming collaborations, including a sequel to Tamara’s Candle Bay, which will feature plenty of vampy action as the Darlings and Julian Valentyn are joined on a road trip to Eternity with Michael and Winter from Alistair’s The Crimson Corset. It’s going to be a harrowing ride!


RIU: Hi, Tamara and Alistair! Welcome to Rising Indies United. Please tell us a little bit about yourselves. When did you first begin writing?
We both began writing around the age of eight and continued throughout our childhoods. Tamara went into journalism but didn’t care for it since she was required to tell the truth. Later, her husband suggested she try to write and sell a book. It worked and she’s been doing it ever since. Alistair spent several years doing the whole 9 to 5 thing and eventually realized he wasn’t going to live forever, and that his only route to real happiness was through writing.  

RIU: Why did you decide to write Mother together? What kind of pros and cons did you come across during the process?
We have been collaborating for several years - together we wrote The Cliffhouse Haunting, The Ghosts of Ravencrest, and are working on the next book in the Ravencrest Saga, the serialized novel, The Witches of Ravencrest. We conceived of Mother together and it never occurred to us to not write it together. The pros are that we have such similar sensibilities and writing styles that it’s extremely pleasurable to write together.  The only con we can think of is that we have to split the royalties.
RIU: That's not too bad if that's the only con. Tell us about your book, Mother.
Mother is a psychological thriller in the vein of Psycho and Misery, with a pinch of Peyton Place and a dash of Gaslight. It concerns a young, expectant couple, Claire and Jason Holbrook, who’ve fallen on hard times, forcing them to move in with Claire’s estranged mother. Claire vowed to have no contact with the overbearing woman ever again, but Mother is thrilled at the prospect of a grandchild. At Mother’s, Claire and Jason begin experiencing things that make them determined to leave immediately … but when a cruel twist of fate makes leaving impossible, Claire becomes obsessed with her mother’s motives. Fantasy and fact blur together as her compulsion consumes her, and Jason wonders who the villain really is. When a cache of macabre family secrets is uncovered, Claire and Jason find the answers they’re looking for - answers that will change them forever … assuming anyone can get out of Mother’s house alive.
RIU: Where do you find inspiration? And can you tell us about how you were inspired to write?
We both find inspiration all around us. Life, folklore, history, and, especially people watching, is inspiration. Brainstorming makes inspiration soar. And as kids, we were both huge readers. Tamara was inspired to write not only by “true” ghost stories, but by Ray Bradbury. She considers him her mentor. Alistair was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.
RIU: Who have been your biggest supporters?
Aside from each other, we have a close network of strong supporters. Our families and friends, are very supportive. We tend not to spend time with folks who aren’t supportive, and since we spend the majority of our time writing, we don’t have time for casual relationships.
RIU: What is the hardest part of writing? What is the best part?
The hardest part is the ancillary work it requires. Writing itself is a joy. After we’ve been in editing and pr mode for a while, writing feels like we’re jumping back into a beautiful swimming hole on a tropical island, complete with a tire swing. It refreshes us and makes us joyous. It’s hard work, always, but it’s work we love.
RIU: I think we can all relate to that. Who has been your biggest influence?
We’ve both been influenced by many authors, as well as our mothers - who can take no credit for inspiring MOTHER. Both taught us to love books at early ages and kept us supplied with all the reading matter we wanted. Tamara’s biggest childhood influences are Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Shirley Jackson, H. Rider Haggard, Arthur Conan Doyle, J.R.R. Tolkien, and MAD Magazine. After the age of twelve, she found inspiration in Tom Tyron, August Derleth, Ira Levin, and a little later, Michael McDowell and Stephen King. And MAD Magazine. Alistair was strongly influenced by Dean Koontz, John Saul, and Ira Levin.
RIU: Very cool. I too love those authors... a huge influence on so many authors today. What is your writing process?
We work together on Skype and in the Cloud, where we can literally work off the same page. Monday through Friday, we work 8 - 10 hour days, and on Saturdays, we work half a day. We take Sundays off.
RIU: Sounds like you've got the schedule nailed down. What advice would you give a new writer?
If you’re serious about writing, treat it like a job, not a hobby. Whether you work full-time or not, have children or not, whether you “have time” or not, write every day.
RIU: Great advice! If you could have dinner with any 5 writers (dead or alive) who would they be and why?
Alistair would choose Stephen King, because, hey … Stephen King. Edgar Allan Poe, because I’d like to see if he’s as depressed as they say he was, Agatha Christie, so I could find out why she never had Miss Marple commit a murder, Virginia Woolf, so I could ask why she didn’t just use a gun like a normal person, and God, so I could find out exactly how much he had to do with the writing of the bible. Tamara would also choose Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, and Agatha Christie for the same reasons. In addition, she’d like to dine with Samuel Clemens before he got old and grouchy, and William Shakespeare in hopes he’d be as wonderfully raunchy and entertaining as his work.
RIU: LOL! Those are great questions for your choices. What can we expect from you in the future?
More installments of The Witches of Ravencrest, a collaborative sequel to Tamara’s classic vampire novel, Candle Bay, which will feature several vampires from Alistair’s novel,The Crimson Corset, a solo novel from each of us, more collaborations, and an abundance of fascinating dark fiction writers on our radio show, Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!
RIU: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. We wish you much continued success!
Thanks for having us! We had a good time!